Hydrolyzed collagen

Low molecular weight collagen peptides, produced from selected raw materials
and obtained by the total hydrolysis of the native collagen present in the skin of
bovine cattle.

Our GelcoPEP® hydrolyzed collagen is of bovine origin, easy to digest, with a neutral odor and taste and excellent solubility.

It is characterized by its high concentration of amino acids, with a predominance of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, a composition that gives it nutritional properties.

It is a multifunctional product, developed to meet the demands of the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.


With high density, it can be applied to powdered products, food supplements, sachets, cereal bars, protein bars, and others.

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Instant dissolution is its main characteristic; therefore, it can be applied to powdered products and all beverages including juices and teas.

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It can be used in food supplements, sachets, and beverages, due to its high density and good dissolution performance.

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Collagen Properties

It has no gelling power
Low viscosity
Cold soluble
Neutral taste and odor
High protein
Water retention


Contributes to muscle and joint restoration; improves mobility.

It reinforces high-quality proteins in the diet of athletes and stimulates muscle growth.

Promotes the feeling of satiety and helps in weight control.

Improves skin hydration, firmness and elasticity. Helps strengthening hair and nails.


Binding agent
Adhesive and cohesive agent
Emulsifying agent

Collagen applications

Thanks to its great protein content, GelcoPEP® is a powerful nutrient for maintaining the beauty of skin, improving body composition and fostering joint and bone health. This is why it is used as an ingredient for dietary supplements or for enriching functional foods with protein.

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Get to know GelcoPEP®, an ingredient manufactured by Gelco International, a specialized and certified manufacturer of collagen peptides for different types of segments and applications.

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