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The “Clean Label” concept has become increasingly influential in the current market, due to changes in the consumer’s behavior in recent years.

This concept can be translated as “clean label”, which is an indicator that a food is produced in a natural and healthy way, without the addition of chemical agents and artificial additives.

Consumer’s habits are changing, evolving and adapting. We have all become more aware of our own health and what we eat.

In a survey conducted by Euromonitor International in 2015, the most searched term for product consumption was the word “natural”, according to 44% of the participants, a value that, by all indications, may have increased even more.

Colágeno Clean Label y sus beneficios

How to know if the product is Clean Label?

Well, there is no single indicator or symbol that shows this precisely. However, it is not at all difficult to find out.

Usually, when looking at the ingredients of a product, we come across a huge list, with many things we don’t even know about.

A Clean Label product, in turn, has few and known ingredients, precisely labeled in a way that the consumer can understand what is read.

What are their benefits?

With the large amount of preservatives, trans fats, sugars and flavorings in today’s products, the switch to natural and healthier products has started to become a necessity.

More health, quality of life and longevity, this is what such products should offer.

However, many people who wanted to start changing their eating habits found it difficult to choose what would really be worth it, due to “polluted” labels with many unknown ingredients that they found on the shelves.

Therein lies another great advantage of Clean Label products: helping the consumer to understand the product label, ensuring that it is natural and healthy.

Our collagen is Clean Label

We have good news for you: GelcoPEP® Collagen is officially recognized as a Clean Label product!

It is possible to take advantage of the several benefits that collagen supplementation brings to the human body, with 18 different types of amino acids that provide benefits to skin, hair, nails, bones and joints, all without worrying about adding harmful products to our body.

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