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14 years of commitment, innovation, teamwork, and great efforts to maintain ourselves as a sustainable and socially responsible company, focused on providing quality and personalized services to all our valuable customers.

Happy Anniversary Ambato Plant!

On March 31, our plant in Ambato celebrated 14 years of being part of Gelco International. Here we tell you a little about its history:

The plant was built in 1978, as Gelec, and began producing gelatin in 1980, with an initial capacity of 650 tons. In 2000, Kraft Foods International purchased the plant and maintained it until 2009, with an average production of 2,500 tons. In March 2009, it was acquired by the Gelco group. On April of that year, it changed its business name to Prodegel S.A. This name remains as such until now.

The plant is located at Km 10 ½ of Vía Baños, in the Pelileo canton, in the sector known as Totoras, in the Tungurahua Province. It occupies an area of 35,900 square meters. It was designed having in mind both social responsibility and environmental health. That allows it to carry out its production process in the most efficient and sustainable way. Currently, the plant has a production capacity of 3,800 tons per year and directly employs 150 people.

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